My name is Shannon, a.k.a. Nooney, and I crochet….  a lot.  Unlike some other hobbies, this one produces tangible results, which then fill up closets & cubbies & cabinets throughout my house.  I’ve played with the idea of opening Nooney’s Knotworks for several years, under several formats.  For now, this blog will serve as my “shop” where I can show off what I’ve made, talk yarns & techniques, and share my personal tips & patterns.

My history with crochet hasn’t been as long as some.  I’d love to say that I’ve been crocheting since the tender age of (something under 10), but that would only be partially true.  My mother taught me how to make a chain stitch – that was all she knew – so when I was little I would made unbelieveably long chains, tear them out & then do it all over.  One of her coworkers saw me doing this one day & showed me a single crochet – which was all she knew – so I was able to double my chains.  Then my mom remembered that if you do several stitches in the same spot it makes a shell…  so I was able to make something that sort of resembled lace trim.  Eventually I tried turning my one stitch knowledge into scarves and such, but I was still missing important information.

Finally, about 9 years ago, I was itching to try a different craft than what I had been working on recently.  While at a book store with my hubby I decided to pick up a book that had the basics of crochet & knit (I did try to knit once back in high school so I thought I’d give it another try too).  Since I had a basis in crochet I decided to start with that.  I never made it to the knitting portion of the book.  I had the missing information that had held me back for years.  Since picking up my missing bit and more I’ve gotten pretty good at reading & interpreting patterns (although anything I post here as my own pattern will be a new experience for me, so if you read pattens please leave feedback on my instructions!).  I love trying new patterns and will do anything I can to try and finish as quickly as possible…  which leads to full closets & cubbies & cabinets.

If you are interested in any of the items I have posted as currently available or would like me to make something for you, please feel free to email me at NooneysKnotworks@gmail.com.



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