The Jayne Hat

You know it must be love if you’re willing to make something that looks like this for your spouse.  And not only make it, but make 2 so he can send one to a long-lost friend overseas.  And to top it all off I don’t even watch the show that the design of the hat originated from!

So with all that being said, this is the Jayne hat (a.k.a. the cunning hat) from Firefly.  Yes, I know I have too much orange at the bottom.  This particular hat has a few things about it that don’t put it at the top of my list of fun projects.  First of all it’s done all in single crochet (I much prefer double crochet hats because they shape much better).  Second, these 2 particular hats were made with sport weight yarn instead of worsted weight yarn – skinnier yarn means more stitches – more stitches means longer to make.

But I have to admit that one good thing did come from the making of this hat (as I’m still in he middle of the second – hence the In Progress category).  I have discovered that I am actually able to make the fuzzy pom on the top on my own.  I had given up on making them years ago after nearly every attempt I made was on the limp side & had strands of yarn falling out whenever it got moved.

If you’re interested in a pattern, there are several on the internet.  I don’t happen to know where the pattern I used is located (hubby found it for me – probably with a Google search).  If there are any requests, I’ll post my pattern.

Thanks for looking!


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