Granny Square Throws

These are two afghans I made a while back, soon after I caught the crochet bug & figured out what the heck I was doing.  They’re both made using a speed hook (16mm) and two strands of yarn giving it a chunky look.

One is electric blue with blue/lime blend.  I’ve always thought this would be perfect for a college kid.  Not sure why, that’s just the vibe I pick up from it.

The other is hunter green/eggplant and a blend of those two colors & cream.  The edge of this blanket is detailed with a scallop design.  This one has always made me think of having a glass of red in Tuscany.  Again, I’m not sure why.  Just the way it feels to me.

Both blankets are approx 4ft square.  I have them priced at $35 each.  If you’d be interested email me at and drop a note here (to make sure I’m aware as quickly as possible).